How Much Does An Insurance Agency Owner Make In 2022

Captive Agent Vs Independent Agent: What Would You Choose?

Last Updated: 1st February, 2022

One of the most difficult but rewarding occupations is becoming an insurance agent of a successful insurance agency. It is important to consider the difference between these two terms for an insurance agent, whether you have worked as an independent agent or have changed your career to a captive agent. Being an insurance agent of a successful insurance agency helps the agent to know how much does an insurance agency owner makes.

How Much Does An Insurance Agency Owner Make: Captive Agent

Captive agents are practitioners working for a single successful insurance agency or some other state. According to Investopedia, the primary objective of a captive agent is to develop a solid market by marketing its products and services to a specific insurance provider. Likewise, they have valuable knowledge of insurance companies, products, premium costs, regulations, and guidance through insurance blogs.

Benefits of being a Captive Agent

The most critical aspect of becoming a captive agent is that it offers daily profits, potentially allowing it the most learning and earning resources for a new agent.

Having the right market specifics policies that you’re selling helps you to be knowledgeable and secure. Similarly, a captive agent has the benefit of being well aware of the core commodity of the business.

Captive agents don’t need to think about producing marketing materials to manage their company. Both publicity materials will be managed by the captive agent department so that the agent does not have to worry about it and focus on sales.

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Drawbacks of being a Captive Agent

The biggest drawback to being a captive agent is that it is connected to a particular insurance provider. You’re going to sell from only one agency, and maybe you’re not going to give buyers the best price.

Another problem is that you have less things to market, even without too much, what you’re offering may be at a greater cost than what buyers would purchase from somewhere else.

You will lose your customers at the end of the day due to your limitations on their needs and budget.

How Much Does An Insurance Agency Owner Make: Independent Insurance Agent

Independent agents are their masters, they have collaborations with different organizations. Similarly, they will provide their customers with different policy options from different carriers to tailor the bundle to the needs of their customers.

Benefits of being an Independent Insurance Agent

Become an independent insurance agent is beneficial. Independent agents may sell from a variety of companies to provide their clients with reliable service, based on their needs and their budget schedule.

As customers are looking for their requirements to be fulfilled, they can build confidence and comparisons. Hence, an individual who can appreciate the needs and have reliable coverage can provide a good relationship with the customer.

Independent agents, unlike captive agents, can determine their schedule in order to have the independence and versatility to dictate when and how they will work.

The drawback of being an Independent Insurance Agent

If you are a novice, there might be a good possibility that you will become an independent agent. There will be no good insurance agent in Texas to provide you with the materials you need. You need to build a communications plan, have an office, and organize the administrative work.

Independent agents have a variety of options to earn income. Likewise, the divided commission is far larger than that of a captive agent. It is also common for individual agents to join groups and set up an insurance company.


Q. Do insurance agencies make good money?

As of 2020, an insurance agent earned an average of $50,600 a year, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The salary ranges from $27,500 to $125,610, with the lowest 10% getting less than $27,500 and the wealthiest 10% earning more than $125,610.

Q. Is opening an insurance agency profitable?

One of the advantages of becoming a captive agency owner is that the organization has a proven and profitable business plan. When you factor in the owner’s pay, benefits, and net income, it’s not uncommon for Allstate and State Farm businesses to make a profit of 50-65 percent of revenue.

Q. What is a good profit margin for an insurance agency?

20% or more is generally considered to be a good profit margin for an insurance agency. 

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