Insurance Agency Book of Business For Sale – 2022 Guide

Captive Vs Independent Agent: Which One is Better?

Last Updated: 1st February, 2022

An insurance agent of a successful insurance agency is now one of the most challenging yet rewarding professions. If you have served as an independent agent or have changed your occupation to a captive agent, it is important to understand the distinction between these two concepts of insurance agent. There might be various insurance agency books of business for sale. Our guide makes sure to choose the best one as per your needs and budget.

Captive Agent

Captive agents are professionals working or in any other state with a single successful insurance agency. According to Investopedia, a captive agent’s primary goal is to establish a strong market by selling its goods and services to a single insurance broker. They have useful insurance industry information, goods, policy rates, rules, and advice.

What makes it better to be a Captive Agent Through Insurance Agency Book of Business For Sale?

The most valuable part of being a captive agent is that it generates daily profits, eventually helping a prospective agent to learn and gain the most resources.

Getting the right business specifics to sell policies allows you to be insightful and safe. A captive agent has the privilege of being well aware of the company’s main goods.

To handle their business, captive agents don’t need to care about creating marketing materials. The captive agent can handle all promotional products so that the agent does not have to think about them and concentrate on sales.  

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Downfalls of being a Captive Agent

The main downside of being a captive agent is that it is connected to a single supplier of insurance. Likewise, you’re just going to sell to one agency, and maybe you’re not going to give the best deal to the customers.

Another concern is that even with an agency to back you up, you have less stuff to sell, which you offer might be at a higher cost than what consumers will purchase from anywhere else.

Due to the limits on their desires and budget, you will lose your clients at the end of the day.

Independent Insurance Agent

Independent agents are their own bosses. They have associations with numerous organizations like an insurance marketing agency. Similarly, they will offer multiple policy choices from different carriers. They can also customize the package to their client as per the clients’ needs.

Why is it better to be an Independent Insurance Agent According to Insurance Agency Book of Business For Sale

Becoming an independent insurance agent is beneficial. In order to provide their customers with quality support, independent agents may sell from a range of firms. This depends on clients’ preferences and their budget plan.

When consumers they are asking for are met, they will create faith. Strong interaction with the consumer can be provided by a person who can understand the needs and provide accurate coverage.

In order to have the freedom and flexibility to decide where and how they will function, independent agents can determine their timetable, unlike captive agents.

The downfall of being an Independent Insurance Agent

There may be a strong chance that you can become an autonomous agent if you are a beginner. Likewise, there would be no successful insurance agency in Jacksonville to supply you with the supplies you need. You ought to develop a schedule for correspondence, have an office and coordinate the administrative work.

There is a range of ways for independent agents to earn revenue. Their split commission is considerably higher than a captive agent’s commission. For independent agents, it is often popular to form associations to set up an insurance firm.


Q.  How do you value an insurance book of business?

The value of an agency/book of business is often calculated using one of two methods: (1) a revenue multiplier, or (2) a profit multiplier (a.k.a. “EBITDA”)[1]. Both multipliers of Revenue and Profits can be changed to a function of the other, similar to the composite rating of numerous insurance products.

Q. Is buying an insurance agency a good investment?

Purchasing an insurance agency is a significant financial commitment. It’s a calculated financial risk that could pay off in the long run. However, it’s a good idea to budget for both the original purchase and continuing overhead costs. Always ensure that your business is lucrative.

Q. Is opening an insurance agency profitable?

One of the advantages of becoming a captive agency owner is that the organization has a proven and profitable business plan. When you factor in the owner’s pay, benefits, and net income, it’s not uncommon for Allstate and State Farm businesses to make a profit of 50-65 percent of revenue.

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