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Captive Agent Vs Independent Agent

Being a successful insurance agency is one of the tough but then exciting jobs as well. Whether you have been working as an independent agent or moving your career turning into a captive agent, it is important to understand the differences between these two terms for an insurance agent.

Captive Agent of a successful insurance agency

Captive agents are professionals who work with a single successful insurance agency or any other state. According to Investopedia, a captive agent’s primary objective is to build a solid business for that specific insurance agency by selling its product and services. Likewise, they have vital information on their insurance agency, products, premium rates, policies, and guidelines as a local insurance agent.

Advantages of being a captive agent of a successful insurance agency

  • The most important part of turning into a captive agent is that it brings regular income and eventually ending up being the best decision for a new agent to learn and earn together.
  • Having accurate knowledge about the company that you are selling the policies makes you look knowledgeable and confident. A captive agent has the benefit of having complete information about the agency’s particular products and procedures.
  • Captive agents don’t have to think about making marketing materials for starting an insurance business. A captive agent’s agency will manage all the marketing materials, so the agent would not have to worry about anything and focus on sales.

Disadvantages of being a captive agent

  • The biggest drawback of being a captive agent is being associated with a single insurance agency. You will sell from just a single agency and might not give the customers the best deal.
  • Likewise, you have limited products to sell, and what you offer may have a higher rate than what customers can get without much stretch from somewhere else.
  • Altogether you may lose your clients because of your limitations according to their necessities and budget.

Independent Insurance Agent

Independent agents are their bosses. They work with multiple agencies. They can give their clients different policy options from various carriers and make a customized package depending on their client’s requirements.

Advantages of becoming an independent insurance agent at a successful insurance agency

  • Independent agents can sell from multiple agencies and give their clients exact coverage depending on their necessity and budget plan.
  • They can acquire trust and references as they can serve exactly the customers are looking for. An agent who can understand the necessities and provide reliable coverages can gain a solid client relationship.
  • Likewise, independent agents can deal with their schedule to have opportunity and flexibility regarding when and how they will work.

Disadvantages of independent insurance agent

There might be a great risk of turning into an independent agent if you are a newcomer. There won’t be any successful insurance agency in Florida associated with assisting you with the required materials. Likewise, You should build up your marketing strategies, have a working space, and manage administrative works.

Not only independent agents have more opportunities to earn but also their commission splits are a lot higher than that of a captive agent. Additionally, It’s also common for independent agents to join groups and start their insurance agency to acquire business experience.

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